MiniDV is one of three common digital formats used in sound and picture recording. Using digital technology, MiniDV captures video and audio on high-density cassette tapes. This format is very popular, as it delivers sound and video that is decidedly sharp and high quality.

The MiniDV format is one of the most commonly used formats for camcorders. Leading manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Sharp, Canon, and many others offer MiniDV camcorders. These camcorders deliver video that is much clearer than analog camcorders. They also offer stronger color reproduction. Furthermore, MiniDV camcorders are lightweight and compact, many featuring extras like MPEG and night recording.

MiniDV camcorders make shooting video and importing video content to a PC easy. Once on the PC, video content can be edited, converted for Internet use, or even burned to a DVD. Transferring video to a PC can be accomplished using an IEEE-1394 interface, commonly known as FireWire or I.Link. However, the cards are easy to purchase if a computer is lacking one.

There are many MiniDV camcorders from which to choose, from those designed for the budget-conscious to professional-quality models. Camcorders using this format are widely supported by video-editing software applications. Usually, MiniDV camcorders can be connected to a television or VCR for display or copying purposes.

MiniDV tapes are tiny, only a fraction of the size of other digital video (DV) cassettes. They are commonly used for both personal and semiprofessional-quality video. The tapes are available in recording lengths of 30, 60, and 80 minutes.

Among digitally recorded cassette tapes, MiniDV tapes are the most widely used. These tapes offer easy compatibility for playback on almost any type of DV-compatible device. In fact, MiniDVs can even be used for playback on devices intended for DVCAM and DVPRO tapes. This is because the tapes are identical to DVCAM and DVPRO tapes, with the exception of the recording format.

Despite the fact that MiniDV is highly compatible with a full range of devices, conversion to DVD or other formats may be desired at times. Conversion can be accomplished inexpensively using automated software, hardware, or manual procedures. MiniDVs can be converted fairly easily, even by those with little experience.