Web Compression

A video clip that is not compressed can take forever to play on the web. That’s because video is usually shot at 24 or 30 frames per second, which means even a 10-minute video can be a huge file.

Web compression can reduce the size of your video file significantly, which means your videos will play much faster on the Internet.

When it comes to web compression for video, Beta SP to DVD will give you the best possible image quality without sacrificing viewing speed.

Our compression formats include:

  • Quicktime
  • H.264
  • Windows Media (WMV)
  • AVI – low quality video conferencing
  • RealMedia
  • Apple Pro Res HQ
  • MPEG-1 – high quality CD-ROM video which requires special hardware
  • MPEG-2 – high quality DVD-ROM video requiring special hardware

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