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Don’t include count down leader within your show!

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Count down leader is meant for technical purpose only!

It is used for projectionists and dubbers to let them know exactly when to go “live” with the show.  The audience is NEVER meant to see the count down.

If you put “fancy” count down leader on your show, you run the risk of looking like an amateur. Even more so, if you actually include the count down leader as part of the actual program.

Put count down leader on your show, but be a pro about it:

1) No cute or fancy numbers or animation.

This also detracts from the impact of the first image of your film.

2) Only count down to the first frame of #2. Put the audio sync pop on that frame.

3)  Obviously, never include the #1 either.

4) After the first frame of the #2, only  show black until the actual program starts.

5)  From the sync pop to the show start should be EXACTLY two seconds.

6) Always start your program on the exact timecode number 1:00:00:00

Every professional video engineer, editor, or projectionist in the world is expecting to see a show at exactly 1:00:00:00.  This is especially important if the show has audio that starts before the picture.